1. All existing discounted partner fare programs will be standardized at a discounted rate of $1.25. This will simplify the programs available to our non-profits and post K-12 educational institutions, eliminate multiple discounts or donation programs, and create a more equitable standard for providing discounted fares.

  2. Wave cards will transition to daily and monthly fare capping. Monthly capping will now cover one calendar month and will reset on the first day of each new month. There will no longer be a 7-day fare cap.

  3. Wave Cards will no longer go into a negative balance. This will maintain equity among the Wave card categories, ease of use to our riders, ease customer service and operators of the confusing explanation of negative balance, allow for faster boarding times, fewer customer complaints, and shorter times at the customer service window.

Wave hello to a better way to ride

An easier, faster, and more convenient way to pay your fare.
Simplify your travel.

Say goodbye to loose change and old tickets. The Wave eliminates extra clutter and makes riding the bus effortless.

Tap & go.

Just tap your Wave card at the reader every time you board and you’re on your way.

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Receive savings on daily and monthly passes without the commitment of the upfront cost. Hit your spending maximum and receive unlimited subsequent rides.

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Add funds or check your card balance. See how close you are to hitting fare caps.

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Fund and manage cards for anyone in your family, all from one account.

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Never worry about losing your card. Easily block a lost card and transfer your balance to a new one with a registered Wave card.

We're celebrating our loyal customers

Wave cardholders will receive unlimited free rides from June 20 through June 30.